Designed to be purchased by HER and be offered to HIM, as a love message.  This collection message uses Italian “Ti voglio bene, amore mio” which translates as I love you, my love. What better way to relay this message than on men’s dress shirts?
Here at Miltiadis, the focus remains on quality and customer satisfaction. The Tom XII collection delivers both elements without a problem, guaranteed to please the men (both young and old) in your life. These men’s dress shirts allow the user to impress at the latest cocktail party or gala, while it also presents the potential to dress up the old pair of faded jeans hiding in your closet. Fashion is meant to be personal and Miltiadis agrees the shirt should please and match the man, making an outfit with one select piece and then allowing him to use the basics already in his wardrobe, both stylish and cost-effective.
Nothing says “I love you my love,” like a night under the stars with a surprise picnic, or a night under a glimmering chandelier, dancing the night away. Miltiadis understands the spontaneous nature of love, and is ready for love’s biggest moments, start the night off right by showing her the excellent men’s dress shirts she will come to know and love.
Made in Italy, the men’s dress shirts capture the essence of the culture. Fashion-centered around one of the fashion capitals of the world, the premium Italian craftsmanship is demonstrated in the superior men’s dress shirts Miltiadis’s formal wear has to offer. Capturing the essences of lavish blue from the Mediterranean, to the earth-toned colors of nature, Miltiadis offers an assortment of colors and patterns, perfect for any occasion.
Incorporating trends from the “classic” gentleman never goes out of style, and Miltiadis offers quality and value in the prime Italian workmanship which embodies our formal wear, with merely $165.00 a shirt, the amount is reasonable, and generous for the quality work behind the piece. The holidays and Father’s Day are great times to improve your loved one’s wardrobe, but giving him something special to wear on those occasions is just as beneficial.
Ranging in sizes from medium to XXL, our collection is sure to fit the sought-after appearance, the manliness which you long to display. Allow Miltiadis to dress you with our men’s dress shirts, and the results will be impressive to say the least; we assure you we meet and surpass your expectations for formal wear, and provide the excellence sought, at an astonishing value. With unspeakable value, vibrant colors, and premium patterns, there is no excuse not to wear a Miltiadis shirt; the evidence is sharp, much like our exceptional formal wear. 

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