Octavian XIV

Beyond our quality.   


Our new 2014 Octavian Collection offers a range of new ideas, yet applying lasting impressions of fashion inspired by trendiness, colors, and last but not least passion for refinement. Keep in mind, most of our products were designed to be purchased by “HER” and be offered to “HIM” as a love message. What a perfect way to show your better half how much he is worth.

Miltiadis presents a modern look to the modern man through the Octavian XIV collection; with fifteen luxurious high end men’s dress shirts, we bring comfort and style to the contemporary gentleman. These new ideas provide lasting impressions, allowing for our high end men dress shirts to be unique and speak for themselves.

Driven with fervor in fashion, Miltiadis’s finest shirts demonstrate experience and practicality in vogue, vibrant colors, quality fabrics, and a passion for finesse drive us to dress the fine man the best way possible.

This collection in particular focuses on love and the various contradictions within the sensation—Octavian XIV were designed by be purchased by “HER” and given to “HIM” as an expression of adoration. Perfect for birthday, Christmas, or Valentines gifts, these guarantee happiness when the holidays come around, or for the everyday expression of amore. Most of our shirts even include “I Love You” or “For You with Great Love” in either English or Latin, to truly express the romantic sentiments. These high end men’s dress shirts offer an element of sophistication, with a small touch of casualty for laid back afternoons.

Embodying the sophisticated style and fit of its user, the Octavian collection allows one to look professional, but feel relaxed with 100% breathable cotton. The cotton material may feel light, but these high end men’s dress shirts convey an authoritative, professional look and feel. Each of our shirts is emblazoned with the Miltiadis logo, another element to put a spring in your step.

Octavian XIV encompasses a variety in assortment of the shirts, including colors spanning all the colors of the rainbow, with the aim to make the perfect shirt for you. From pinks to reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, and colors in between, the colors are designed in a variety of hues to match skin, hair, and eye colors for the perfect “wow” outfit, sure to benefit and please the wearer and those around him. To allow for variety and vibrancy in your wardrobe, all Octavian high end men’s dress shirts sell for the same value, a generous offer to benefit the consumer’s wallet, and his style.

Although many argue details in outfits are for women, Miltiadis begs to differ. Our collection is sure to please the trained female eye, with a variety of solid, plaid, striped and checkered shirts, each designed with certain accent colors, to take away the simplistic aspect of a shirt, and take the outfit to the next level. Women appreciate the details, and—we guarantee, the men will too. Formal dress shirts are hard to come by for a reasonable price, especially with pure Italian origins. Miltiadis offers quality priced menswear at an affordable value for the quality, background, and history of the shirt.

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