Miltiadis XIII

We all believe that Love is a contradiction, it’s hard to find but extremely easy to lose. This time Miltiadis used a simple, yet so powerful statement…”I Love you” which has been embroided on our collars to better describe your feelings for the special person who always stands behind you.   Our men’s formal shirts are made for the man with a sense of his own worth and an eye for detail. 
Italian shirts are renowned worldwide, embodying the characteristics of the gentleman throughout the ages: Elegant, strong, and charismatic. Miltiadis offers a collection unsurpassed in the industry, with a variety of styles, shapes, and colors. Miltiadis XIII presents eighteen men’s formal shirts, uniquely tailored to fit nearly every type of man with sizes ranging from Medium to XXL.
Made specifically in Europe, the assortment encompasses variety and customizable options, depending on the shirt. Exemplifying true quality, the men’s formal shirts come in simple colors, with distinctive accent colors, certain to catch the eye, but subtle enough to let the shirt speak for itself. Ideal for an event tailored to formal wear, you will never be underdressed.
Like to lay low? Italians appreciate fine quality in everyday wear, with wonderful craftsmanship which ensures the shirts can also dress up a pair of classic jeans with a leather belt, for a laid-back comfortable impression and texture.
Solid, plaid, striped and checkered. Four simple patterns, one trendy look. Focused on bringing simplicity yet variety, Miltiadis makes the choice easy, promising the premium shirt for an unexpectedly affordable price. Each shirt is embroidered with the Miltiadis logo, and for the women seeking to please your chap with the perfect men’s formal shirt, a few come embroidered with “I Love You” on the outside collar, the wonderful present to astonish and impress his fine taste.
Offering shades to highlight each eye color, and a fit to accentuate the jaw line, Miltiadis assures the proper look to capture the eyes of women for the bachelors, and recapturing the heart of your sweetheart for those who are attached. Now more than ever, obtaining the affections of your significant other is relatively simple, with all of our shirts ranging from $165-$195, the value is not only reflected in the men’s formal shirt, but is brought to you by a generous deal from Miltiadis.
Our premium formal wear is sophisticated in styling, and fitted in construction. Understanding your need to be comfortable and flexible as well as stylish, each shirt is made from 100% Italian Cotton, a smooth consistency, with a breathable material designed to bring the best of both worlds—style and strength.
The question remains, why choose Miltiadis? Our genuine Italian style and men’s formal shirts bring comfort, reliability, and durability designed for every occasion. The shirts speak for themselves, with material, patterns, and embroidering options designed to impress even the resilient critics; Italians are the embodiment of fashion, knowing the right cuts, fits, constructions, and ultimately, the right way to pull off an outfit, Miltiadis guarantees quality and value behind the name. 

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