Italian Leather Belts

Our new Italian Leather Belts bring the perfect amount of finesse to your regular business suits and slacks. Miltiadis belts are made with an Italian buckle and vegetable tanned leather, hand dyed. This leather is tanned with all natural products, of vegetable origin. 100% natural, guaranteed.

Miltiadis Fashion offers the finest in men’s clothing — our most recent belt collection is no different. Expressing oneself is a goal not commonly associated with men, but is important nonetheless. To give every man the opportunity to express himself properly, Miltiadis offers the finest quality Italian Leather Belts, made of vegetable tanned leather, hand dyed for the unique impressions and sensations which come with every Miltiadis product.

For maximum comfort, each belt is re-sizeable to fit the desired width.

Each of the belts sold by Miltiadis offers the value and superiority sought for by so many, at a fraction of the cost for a premium belt, with easy accessibility in the United States. Now, showing off your sophisticated style becomes simpler and more manageable with access to the exclusive belts Miltiadis has to offer. Although belts grow and wear over time, our belts were specially designed to avoid deterioration from the elements, with a “wear in, not wear out” mentality behind each and every belt.

Fine Italian dress shirts give off an impression of prosperity and taste, but the Italian Leather Belts perfect the ensemble, giving off the proper impression for a business man, or for those who seek to relax in comfort and style. Allow Miltiadis Fashion to give you the desired elegance you dream of, with values ranging from $65 to $120, the possibilities are endless and achieving the coveted appearance becomes a reality, with Miltiadis’s fine Italian Leather Belts.

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